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Who we are

We are a dynamic firm of attorneys who commit ourselves to provide professional, thorough and reliable legal advice and where applicable, to provide our legal knowledge, expertise and experience to have a dispute adjudicated by our courts or tribunals effectively, fairly and as swiftly as possible.

We have great respect for the client – attorney relationship and therefore strive and stand for:

1 The building of understanding, compassionate, transparent and trusting ties with our clients
2 Confidentiality
3 Accessibility
4 Regular communication with clients
5 Professional timeous and efficient attention to each individual client however big or small
6 Market related and affordable fee structures

We have the facilities, knowledge, expertise and experience to provide high quality professional legal services in virtually all fields of the law.

We believe in ourselves and what we stand for, as we believe in the rights of all persons to have free and undisturbed access to our legal system in all its spheres. It is our pledge that when we are instructed by a client, we will assist such client with the infrastructure and friendly, competent and professional legal assistance we have referred to.